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We are an imprint based at the University of Gloucestershire. The Pittville Press is run by the illustration department and its purpose it to promote and celebrate our illustration students – illustration and print and publish illustrated books and journals.

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The Illustration Awards in 2013


7th Cheltenham Illustration Awards!

Tales of mood and memory

Winners we be exhibited in October as part of the Times Cheltenham Literature Festival and in association with the Holst Birthplace Museum, and published in a full colour Annual. Prizes of cash and an Apple computer will be awarded – for full details and application forms please visit http://www.cheltenham-illustration-awards.com.

The brief for 2013: During the period 1914-1916 Cheltenham-born Gustav Holst (1874-1934) composed The Planets, a seven-piece orchestral suite. Holst called his symphony ‘a series of mood pictures’.

Your entry to this year’s Cheltenham Illustration Awards should be a personal visual response initiated by this arguably the best-known, best-loved and first Modernist piece of British classical music. Holst imbued each planet with characteristics which were representative of the human life cycle, from youth to old age, beginning with Mars, energetic and bombastic, ending with esoteric Neptune, alone, facing the mystical unknown.

We wish you to also apply the theme of ‘Memory‘ (the theme to the Times Cheltenham Literature Festival 2013) to your response and avoid the obvious interpretations of Roman Gods, astrology etc.  Instead, as this is a competition focusing on narrative illustration, your entry may be drawn from your own memory, experience or your own invented fictional response. November 2013 marks the 100th anniversary of the publication of the first volume of Marcel Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past, and as we are also approaching the centenary of the start of the First World War in 2014, it is an especially apt time to consider the fundamental role memory plays in underpinning our lives, our wider culture, our interpretation of the past and our shaping of the future. Memory is to a very significant extent an active creative process of recreation rather than simply information retrieval. With narrative and metaphor at its heart, it¹s remarkably close to fiction writing, and a theme which is fertile ground to explore, with wide-ranging implications for autobiography and memoir, poetry, history and of course fiction.

‘The memory has as many moods as the temper, and shifts its scenery like a diorama’- George Eliot

‘Life is all memory except for the one present moment that goes by you so quick you can hardly catch it going’-Tennessee Williams

The Times Cheltenham Literature Festival runs from 4th-13th October 2013 www.cheltenhamfestivals.comIllustration byHenry Boon

Cheltenham Illustration Awards Symposium, Presentation and Exhibition 2012

The Third Year Publication Olio.



Cheltenham Illustration Awards Symposium, Presentation and Exhibition 2012

Saturday, 20th Oct, Lecture theatre, Oxford University Museum of Natural History

Cheltenham Illustration Awards honours international student and emerging talent

The Cheltenham Illustration Awards is an annual event hosted by the Illustration Department at the University of Gloucestershire.

We are pleased to announce that the sixth annual Symposium and Presentation Event will take place on 20 October at the location which inspired this year’s theme : the Oxford University Museums of Natural History  and the Pitt Rivers Museum.

An exhibition of selected entries will be on show inside the Pitt Rivers Museum until 25 November.

International illustrators talk about their contemporary practice in narrative art

Martin Rowson, Isabel Greenberg and Nyctalope Magazine will talk about their practice of creating and publishing contemporary sequential and political illustration.

Martin Rowson is an author and award-winning political cartoonist.
Known for their scathing and uncompromising quality, Martin Rowson’s editorial illustrations are a fixture in the British daily press. Following the satirical tradition of Hogarth and Gillray, his dark and visceral style has earned him a distinct reputation, and it has been known for politicians to personally beg him not to portray them.
Rowson has published many books, among them a graphic novel version of  ‘The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman’ which has been received with wide critical acclaim.
Former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone appointed him the ‘Cartoonist Laureate’ which title appears to have been granted in perpetuity, and amongst many awards he was nominated Political Cartoonist of the Year 2010 by the Political Cartoon Society.

Nyctalope is a French publication dedicated to the art of  sequential illustration and comics as an art form. It was founded in 2008 by three illustrators;  Marion Fayolle, Matthias Malingrëy and Simon Roussin and is published annually. It is a showcase and a laboratory, where contributing illustrators experiment with new ways to tell stories formally while following a narrative content. Nyctalope is produced to a very high standard, published in large format, full colour and with a screen printed cover, making it a highly collectable print publication that aims to give itself the status of a book, in a similar style to the London-based print publisher Nobrow Press.


Isabel Greenberg is a London based illustrator and writer. She is currently working on her first graphic novel ‘The Encyclopedia of Early Earth’ which is due to be published in 2013 by Jonathan Cape in the UK, Random House in Canada and Little, Brown in the US. She studied illustration at the University of Brighton and since graduating has worked for a variety of clients including Nobrow Press, The National Trust, Seven Stories Press, Solipsistic Pop and Wrap Magazine. In 2011 she won the Observer Jonathan Cape Graphic short story prize.


Tickets to the event (£20, £10 for students) will be available by visiting the Awards website:  http://www.cheltenham-illustration-awards.com

The internationally acclaimed awards, now in their sixth year, invited students and emerging illustrators to submit entries on the theme of ‘Tales of Magical Objects’, with an emphasis on narrative illustration.

The annual event has gained wide acceptance as a international competition amongst students and new illustrators with hundreds of entries every year, all of them to an extremely high standard and demonstrating a wide and innovative range of styles. This year entries were received from four continents of the world and the standard and originality of the work is stunning. “Judging the awards was a fascinating experience. There are some really amazing entries and the overall quality was very impressive.” – Tom Gauld, 2012 Judge and award winning comic artist and illustrator.

A selection of highly commended entries will accompany the winner’s work in the Museum. In addition the exhibition will move to other venues. Publication in a full colour Annual will follow the Awards presentation.



welcomes our new first year


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